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Are you unhappy with your current vehicle, or perhaps, just looking for a change? Ed Voyles Kia of Chamblee has the answer for you. Waste no time and take a look at our inventory to find your perfect match. We make it simple for you to begin your search as we offer services in which you can gather accurate information on your next vehicle from the comfort of your home. Get a quote on a vehicle you are interested in below,

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If you are interested in a particular year, model, or trim of a Kia vehicle, take the time to utilize the drop-down menus below and fill in your contact information to ensure that you receive your quick quote as soon as possible. Our staff works around the clock to ensure a speedy response and to provide the most accurate information in regard to the pricing of our vehicles. Our trained customer service specialists are prepared to walk with you every step of the way and provide quality service as we get you on the road in your new Kia.

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If you are looking for information regarding your next Kia, or looking to receive assistance with price comparisons, test driving, buying or financing a used vehicle? Then look no further. Ed Voyles Kia of Chamblee, located in Chamblee, Georgia offers the latest, most efficient models of Kia and a professional staff that is ready to assist you. For years we have served the local community and have prided ourselves in the quality and efficient service that provide to our customers, as well as our ability to place ourselves in the position of buyers. We want to ensure your satisfaction as you move towards efficiency behind the wheel of one of our luxurious, spacious vehicles.

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We offer a number of 2018 and 2019 models and have an easy option for you to search our inventory for vehicles that we have in stock. Kia vehicles are built to last with intricate technology to accommodate drivers including safety technology, as well as features to make driving less of a task and more of an experience. We offer a wide variety of vehicles to appease the preferences of different customers, but place a primary focus on the common denominator between them all- fuel efficiency, safety, and affordability. We are consistent in ensuring satisfaction to our customers with how we pay close attention to details in manufacturing our vehicles and prioritize the opinions and criticisms of our consumers. Each model and trim, each year, is manufactured with the purpose to improve and satisfy. We look forward to working with you!