How to Update Your Kia Navigation System in Chamblee, GA

January 20th, 2022 by

Kia Stinger Navigation

It’s wonderful to have modern technology on the road and at your fingertips in your dependable Kia car or SUV, but the world changes like the road stretching before you, and it is important to keep your tech updated along with it! The foremost thing you’ll want to do if you haven’t already is to sign up and log in to the Kia website to download the navigation updater software on your PC, then run the navigation updater software by clicking on the desktop icon and signing in with the email and password you use for the Kia site. Be sure to have a portable USB storage device or SD card handy with at least a 32-gigabyte capacity.

1. Find Your Vehicle in the Kia Navigation Updater

Once you have logged into the Kia navigation updater software, you’ll be prompted to search for your vehicle by model. Once you find your vehicle, click on it. This will take you to the information screen specific to your vehicle. Verify that you have found the correct page. If it is the wrong vehicle, you can click the “Change Vehicle” button to go back. If it’s the right one, select a location on your PC to save the update. Make sure you have enough hard disk space to download it, and then click next!

2. Verify Your Location and Monitor Progress

On the next page, you will verify the location where you are downloading the update, and if you’re not making any changes, you’ll click OK. Then you will go to a screen where a bar will fill up as your update progress increases by percentage. You can pause and resume this progress if need be by clicking the appropriate button, which will say either “Pause” or “Continue”.

3. Copy the Update to Your Portable Storage Device

Now is the time to plug your portable USB device or SD card into the computer and download the update. You should be given a prompt that the download was completed and a button that says “Copy to SD Card”. From here you can also select “Open Folder” to check the saved files or “Change Vehicle” to download an update for another vehicle. Make sure to save the files to the main or top directory of your portable device.

4. Take Your Portable Device to Your Kia Car or SUV

It is important that you start your car and keep it running while you perform the update, so do that first! Then plug in your portable device and look at your screen. On some vehicles you will need to hit an “All Menus” icon. Your next step is to navigate to the “Setup” or “Settings” icon. Then select the “General” icon. From there, “SW info/Update”. Hit the “Update” button.

That’s it! We hope this guide was helpful. Thank you for choosing Ed Voyles Kia of Chamblee, GA for all your Kia needs! Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

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