Thinking About Leasing a Vehicle? Learn More in Chamblee, GA

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Leasing A Kia With Ed Voyles

When deciding whether you want to lease or buy a new car, you’ll want to examine your own driving habits. Lease agreements can be modified according to how many miles you think you will drive during the term of the agreement. This is because when you lease a car, you are making an agreement with the dealer to return it in a condition valued for resale. You will agree to drive the car under a certain number of miles. This will go a long way to determine the state the car returns in, and helps the dealer set a price for the lease.

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Leasing Versus Buying from Ed Voyles Kia

You might want to consider buying a car if: you think you will drive it hard and heavy; you have pets or kids who might do a number on the interior; you want to customize the vehicle in any way. You might want to consider a lease if: you are sure to keep the car under a certain number of miles; you aren’t worried much about possible wear and tear; you intend to return the car exactly as you found it.

Pros and Cons of Leasing in Chamblee, GA

The upshot of leasing is that you can lower your monthly payments, and still drive a new car that won’t require much more than routine maintenance. The downside is that you must be particular about how you care for and how much you drive the car. There are charges for going over the mileage in the agreement or returning the car with any sort of internal or external damage. When your lease is up, you can turn in your car and lease or buy another. There is also a purchase option agreement. This means you can go ahead and purchase the car at the end of your lease if you just can’t bear to part with it.

Tax Benefits of Leasing a Car from Ed Voyles Kia

Tax Benefits of Leasing a Car

Leasing a car also comes with possible tax benefits. When you buy a car, you pay taxes on the total cost of the car. When you lease a car you pay taxes on the estimated value of the car during the time of your lease, which is lower than the total price. Also, if you use the car for business purposes, you can write off the payments as tax deductions. Just remember that if you use it as a personal vehicle too, you can only deduct the amount you estimate for business purposes.

Lease with Ease: It’s A Breeze with Ed Voyles Kia of Chamblee, GA

If leasing sounds like it’s up your alley, the professionals in our finance department make the process stress-free and easy. The Ed Voyles Auto Group has made its name by helping Georgians find the best deals on the vehicles that best suit their needs. Contact us by phone or use our online form if you have any questions. Ed Voyles: Our Family Serving Your Family since 1952.

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